The process

The driving force behind the restaurant inspired by the love for the farm is the use of ingredients from local small-scale producers-the food comes to the table from the farm through the shortest possible route. The TATI restaurant, named after the horse living on the organic farm in Biatorbágy, brings back the romance of the countryside into the hustle and bustle of the city center, which we also aimed to convey in its design. Its identity is permeated by the slower, more attentive life of the countryside, which is focused in a graceful and refined system: all of this is characteristic of both its printed and online platforms. The shapes and textures are inspired by the treasures of the fertile land-the ambiance of the fields is reflected in the intricate patterns. The nature-oriented approach of TATI is also evident in the interior finishes, where the exciting combinations of Viaplant materials came to our aid.

The restaurant was unveiled in November at a grand event, where around 60 people attended. Together with members of the press and opinion leaders, we sampled the farmhouse atmosphere, freshly pressed juices and the amazing flavours of the unadulterated chicken paprikash.
And our communication mission didn't end with the event: since then we have been welcoming visitors, and our new seasonal menu has been open to press such as Nosalty, Roadster, We Love Budapest and Vince Magazine.


services: design & social & pr

year: 2022

client: TATI

website: https://tatibudapest.com/