The process

A family-owned traditional restaurant in a beautiful historical building with the best strudels in the city. Our design department started with the renewing of the image. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the restaurant, we designed gift boxes and redesigned the menu and website. 
During the planning, we clearly adjusted to the atmosphere of the place. We have enriched the symbols of Hungarian ornamentation with the elements of folk kitsch and enriched them with the feeling of an untouched countryside reflecting on quality raw materials, in a 21st century, refined form. This is how the “koma” version, which revives the festive, Christmas and folk traditions, was born. Of course we wanted to get this fact out to as many people as possible: therefore in addition to social communication, we sent a box of special strudel in the new gift box to 40 of our friends and press staff.
The menu was also part of the rethinking of the image elements. We dreamed of a leather-effect, embossed cover sheet and clean inner edges. An important aspect of the design was the durability, the return of the motif system, and the challenging content in 4 languages.

We also manage the social platform of the brand where the history and elegance of the place reappears. 

services: social & pr & design

year: 2021

client: Első Pesti Rétesház