The process

In 2022, we participated in the design process of KAA Mixology°

The mystical, hedonistic interior was already there; we had to create the branding of the cocktail bar named after the king of the jungle. The inspiration came from Twentysix’s layout, and we kept the confident and minimal font usage. The geometric illustrations of KAA° took place in the interior, which allows the mysterious streaks of light to pass through from the kitchen area, thereby strengthening the intimate atmosphere of the cocktail bar.The KAA Book includes the place's signature, classic, and three wishes drinks. When designing the drinks menu, we also took into account the subdued lighting of the cocktail bar; we chose light, shiny paper for the inner sheets, making it easier to read. The shimmer of the paper is not disturbing; it only becomes visible when the book is turned towards the light. The cover of the menu is made out of a leather-like, elegant material, and then the logo is embossed on it.

In addition to the logo, brand design and social media platforms, we were also responsible for media and PR communication. To properly position the speakeasy bar, which required deeper workshop work, we kicked off the evening with a press tasting and then showed off KAA's enchanting cocktails to our old and new friends. In addition to Forbes, we also had releases on We Love Budapest, Roadster and Hamu és Gyémánt.

services: design & social & pr

year: 2022

client: KAA°

website: https://kaamixology.com/