Home of Solinfo

The process

Designing the image of Home of Solinfo, Scandinavian culture and design was an endless inspiration for us. In the end, we wanted to grasp the essence of this: minimalism and harmony. The ligature, composed of one of the most characteristic punctuation marks of the northern languages, functions as a symbol in the Home of Solinfo logo. On the one hand, this is a reference to the Scandinavian design tradition. The choice of color was intended to capture the atmosphere of the Scandinavian pine forests, which exude naturalness and simplicity.

For the opening we invited our guests to an exciting press breakfast to showcase the contemporary design products of Home of Solinfo and bring them closer to the Scandinavian sense of life, the store and the brand. The event was sparkling with some delicious meals and a little extra waiting for them. Each participant could give their favorite piece a recommendation card. We drew lots, and three lucky ones could take home their favorite designer accessory. In addition to the classic tools, we focused on creating an experience for the press.

On the social platforms, we combine the Scandinavian minimalism with an elegant, clear voice, and the determining pine forest color returns in the pictures. 

services: marketing strategy & branding & social & pr 

year: 2021

client: Solinfo