The process

New habits can change the world.

We first started working on the project 2 years ago and now, after many, many months of preparation and planning, we can say that: a new, health-conscious place found a home at Allee!

This is the greenhabit, where you can find BOWLS, PLATEs and FLATBREADS, where all the dishes are healthy, filling, rich in flavors and protein, and where it's all about naturality.

During the design we were inspired by the joy of life, honest, fresh ingredients, natural materials and graffitis. Our goal was to dream a space that suggests the freshness and freedom that the food represents. We also manage the restaurant’s social media and PR communication. We arranged private lunches for the different medias and had an event with influencers as well. Also we invited a few TikTokers to the kitchen so that they can try out how to make a salad, a bowl or a plate.

On the social platforms healthiness, happiness, rich flavors are our main topic. Good food, good life, which we show mainly through videos.

services: branding & design & social & pr

year: 2022

client: greenhabit