Bortársaság - Egy bor, egy történet

The process

What started as an opening campaign for two new stores, ended up being so much more! We wanted to create an honest campaign, that fits to our client’s image. In order to do so we involved 12 people from different positions, diverse challenges but with one passion. Wine. Everybody has a story, everybody participated in it, this made it so special. We organized a photoshoot for the participants and their favorite bottles. Our concept was to show them as they are, who they are and how they feel about their favorite bottle. The most amazing part of this campaign was that it self-promoted itself in a way – everybody fell in love with the stories and shared them. We believe this is the true success of our campaign, not mentioning the increased sales in the appeared wines…

services: social, pr, design

year: 2020

client: Bortársaság