The process

Badhanna is one of the most honest projects in Socially’s life. Not only did we create the name, we also formed a background to the place. The idea is that a fictional muse wandered around Asia and collected her findings. Spices, aromas, feelings, signs, adventures. Everything. And now all this can be found at Badhanna. You can follow her journey through the interior design elements and of course the meals.

But opening a new place is always a challenge. At the end of May, everything was ready and we finally opened the restaurant. This happening had to be acquainted with as many people as possible. Exclusive articles, private tours and a press event served as tools for this. We are proud that the inner garden was full at the opening - fortunately, it has been ever since.

There are several unique content and testimonials, which you can read more about on the pages of Street Kitchen, Forbes, Magyar Konyha Magazin or Szeretlek Magyarország. 

We work on the design, PR and social media, so all these fields are all synchronized by us during and after the opening. 

services: design & social & pr

year: 2022

client: Badhanna